The Next Generation of the Zimbra Email and Collaboration Platform

Leapfrogging ahead of competitors with a first-of-its-kind containerized architecture and React-based application, Zimbra X is optimized for high performance and flexibility.


Zimbra X Platform

  • Cloud native and cloud agnostic
  • Stateless, highly available architecture
  • Automated container orchestration utilizing Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Full separation of services and application

Zimbra X Application

  • React-based application built on top of Zimbra’s API and GraphQL
  • Responsive for use on any device
  • Easily integrates with third party services for a customizable experience
  • WCAG compliant for full accessibility

Zimbra X Benefits

  • Automated deployment, recovery, and traffic management
  • Flexible cloud hybrid deployment options
  • Easily customizable and extensible application, with third party services like Giphy and Emojis already integrated
  • Based on Zimbra’s open source project ensuring security and allowing for full source code review


Zimbra X is currently in an invite-only Partner Development Program.
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