Just for YOU! Zimbra's Top 15 Tips & Tricks is our gift to you and every Zimbra fan. Each tip has easy-to-follow graphics and video demos!
Our promise? You will learn something about Zimbra you never knew!

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This guide covers the following topics:
  1. Searching in Zimbra
  2. Importing Into and Exporting From Zimbra
  3. Changing Your Zimbra Preferences
  4. Changing Your Zimbra Theme
  5. Setting Zimbra Email and SMS (text) Reminders
  6. Enabling Mandatory Spellcheck
  7. Sorting Email
  8. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  9. Creating an Appointment with the Mini Calendar
  10. Creating an Email Alias, Distribution List or Contact Group
  11. Launching an Email in a Separate Window
  12. Turning on Zimbra’s Activity Stream
  13. Switching from Conversation View to Message View
  14. Sharing Your Zimbra Calendar Outside Your Organization
  15. Sharing in Zimbra

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