Did You Make The Microsoft Mistake?
The Google Goof?

Did You Make The Microsoft Mistake?
The Google Goof?

You went with Microsoft or Google, and now you’re regretting it..? You’re not alone.


France BANS Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) for all Ministries due to privacy concerns

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🇫🇷 The French Government has Zimbra as an option in its catalogue of available services – ZimbraBox, by Zimbra Partner StarXpert (now Axess Group). ZimbraBox is based on Zimbra 9.
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"Zimbra 9 is certainly the most complete collaborative messaging tool on the market."


Worried who might ban Microsoft next? Zimbra has you covered.

Save with Zimbra

Microsoft Math Doesn’t Add Up

Microsoft Math $6 = $12 = $25. You think you’ll pay $6/person, but the hidden fees keep coming. 💸

Not with Zimbra! Our prices have stayed the same since 2016


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Microsoft & Google Support … Rate Your Pain!

Think someone from support will pick up the phone when you call in a crisis? Answer your emergency email? Chat you through a disaster? 🥺

Hope you can figure it out yourself with FAQs!

Pain Measurement Scale

Pain Measurement Scale
Zimbra Cloud - Video Call

Teams, Hangouts... Do you even use them?

You pay for them even if you don’t want them.

Already using Zoom, Slack, Dropbox? Too bad! Get ready for a painful migration and employees complaining about learning another tool!

Zimbra offers easy integrations with your favorite business apps.


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This search is **awful**!

Having trouble finding important emails in Gmail and O365? Who has time for that? ⏳

With Zimbra, get search results in seconds ...

  • With keywords (to, from, subject, etc.)
  • Using shortcuts
  • From any folder, even Trash
  • Even in attachments

And your search results stay where you need them!

Zimbra - Search


Ever have that panicky feeling?

With Microsoft and Google, delete is REAL. There’s no coming back. 😱

With Zimbra’s “Dumpster” feature, you can change your mind for up to 30 days.

Don’t sweat it ... Restore it!

Is Microsoft abandoning on-prem?

You want your email as licensed on-premises, just like always!

But now you're worried on-prem is being abandoned?

Zimbra has you covered.