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Writing an Email and Want to ...

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Right from your email, all your favorite apps already built in OR launch Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, Webex and Jitsi … just one click away!


Now, thanks to Zimbra partners, for the first time, business owners like YOU can easily get professional email…


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No other email matches Zimbra...

"Especially in the age of COVID-19 and remote working, clients having access to a suite of comprehensive collaboration features like videoconferencing, chat, and shared docs that can be deployed flexibly anywhere is incredibly important for an email platform and Zimbra delivers this for us."
Marc Gadsdon, In-Tuition, loyal Zimbra business customer


What’s wrong with your OTHER email??

Ask yourself, is your email...

Thinking whats wrong with other emails
  • Selling your personal data?
  • Tricking you into paying more and more?
  • Missing business musts like a professional signature?
  • Making you use an embarrassing email address?
  • Lacking critical remote working apps like video, file sharing, cloud storage, calendars, chat?
  • Slacking on security?
  • Locking you in to apps you don't use?
  • Blocking you from your favorite apps like Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, Webex and more?


With Zimbra Cloud, your email problems solved!



Zimbra Cloud™ saves YOU $$
The lowest cost in its class!


  Zimbra CloudTM   Microsoft 365
Business Basics
  Google Workspace  
Price/Month/User $2.95   $5   $6  
Storage 30 GB   50 GB   30 GB  
Sharing & Delegation            
Cloud Storage            
Extensibility (Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Webex, +++)            
Open Ecosystem            




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