Email turned 50 in 2021!!

Zimbra - world leader in secure, private, business email & collaboration -
Celebrated in 2021

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Email... Party on!

In the last single second, over 3 MILLION emails were sent. Over 2 BILLION emails are sent every day.


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Email’s the life of the party

Do you think... “Bo👀ring!” when thinking Email?

Email is the life of the party and the future of work. Email isn’t just email anymore. It’s all about productivity...

Zimbra Features

Wondering ... what’s @WFX and the future of work? Check this out!

Party SaaS style ... save more than money

The party is definitely moving to the cloud, and there are excellent reasons! On-premises email is vital for some companies with strict privacy regulations or country-specific requirements. But if you don’t need on-prem email, you also don’t need ...

  • In-house IT team
  • Hardware stack
  • Software licences

SaaS, subscription email services provide the same quality, security and functionality with seamless upgrades, no downtime and predictable CAPEX and OPEX.
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Don’t crash the party!

3 million emails are sent every second. Check out the live stats! That’s a lot of data, personal info, critical business info and more. When a Microsoft or Google email crash happens, it’s headline news.

  • Backup & Restore
  • Email Security & Privacy
  • Data Sovereignty

Learn more about Zimbra’s built-in backup and restore


The greatest gift: Zimbra Search

Pop Quiz!

  • Have 1,000 or more emails in your inbox?
  • Afraid to delete email because you might need it someday?
  • Keep emails for a “paper trail”?
  • Think “I’ll look at this tomorrow” and then lose that email?
  • Use your mail folders as a file cabinet?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Zimbra’s email search is your best friend ... find that email from 7 years ago by searching a few key words!

Great email search...

  • Is fast and easy
  • Uses shortcuts like “from” and “to”
  • Searches attachments
  • Keeps results open in a separate tab
  • Is your best friend!


Email: 50 Years of Innovation


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