Modern Framework

Replacing older web framework Prism with latest chromium based framework NW.js (Node webkit).


Linux 64-bit Support

A widely requested version for all Customers running Linux Desktop based on 64-bits.


HTML Rendering

We have resolved multiple HTML rendering issues for Zimbra Desktop 7.3.0.


New Language

Bahasa Indonesia language is now included as part of Zimbra Desktop v7.3.0 and above.


MailTo Support

MailTo support for Windows-7, Windows-10. (Set ZD as default email application)



New auto-update framework to make the upgrade process easier for the users.


Improved Spell Check

Spell check support for all languages inside Zimbra Desktop.


Silent Installation

Installation of Zimbra Desktop in silent mode is now fully functional.

Thank you for testing Zimbra Desktop 7.3.0. We have included all your valuable feedback into our Release.

Download Zimbra Desktop 7.3.0