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Zimbra Cloud is the alternative to
Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Webmail, Hotmail, FastMail, Zoho, Hey, ProtonMail, SuperHuman, AOL

Starting a New Business?
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Don't fall for bloated brands like Gmail and Office 365 and their high $$

Why consider Zimbra Cloud when Google and Microsoft are available?
We’re glad you asked!

Google and Microsoft are so big and powerful that they can:

  • Overcharge
  • Read your email
  • Sell your info
  • Keep raising your prices
  • Force you to use tools you don't like
  • Charge you for tools you don't use
Zimbra Cloud - Email+ Every Biz App You Need
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Zimbra Cloud is the best alternative

to Gmail, O365, Outlook, Hotmail, FastMail, Zoho, Hey, ProtonMail, Superhuman, AOL, Yahoo and more!

How do we beat them?

Best value | Only $2.95/month/user
Pay less and get more!

Email+ the tools you already use
Integrates with Slack, Dropbox, Zoom +++

Private & Secure Data
No one reading or selling your email

No price creeping
We don’t keep raising the price!

Zimbra Cloud is the Best Choice. Here’s why ...


Setting up your new Zimbra Cloud email is simple and fast … faster than grabbing a cup of coffee or a bottle of water! We aren’t kidding … we timed it. And it’s just as fast and easy to bring over your email from other accounts AND connect to your favorite business apps like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.


It’s simple: Professional email makes you and your business more credible. Lose and, and bring your own domain to Zimbra Cloud (there’s a demo to show you how easy it is). Just like that, a side hustle is legit. Then? Add an email signature for the next level of polish.

Superior Search

Lightning fast search even searches attachments! No more wasted time hunting for critical email, and your search results stay open as long as you need them. Stay organized with folders, tags and more.

Ad-Free, Private Info

Finally, no intrusive, irritating ads when you're trying to work. And your data is private. Zimbra Cloud doesn’t spy, collect your data to serve you ads or sell your personal data to the highest bidder.

Everything in ONE Inbox … Bring Over Your Other Email

In just a few clicks, bring over your email, calendars, contacts and more from any other email accounts. Simplify and streamline to get all of your email in one inbox. You can migrate an unlimited amount of email to Zimbra Cloud.

Unlimited Storage

Run out of storage space with your other email? Upgrade and add more storage whenever you need it with Zimbra Cloud. Never run out of quota again.

Continuous Updates + New Features

Zimbra has been powering hundreds of millions of mailboxes worldwide for over 15 years. You can trust us to be around. And to stay in the email business this long, we have to continually update. With Zimbra Cloud, those updates are automatic for you to use right away … for the best possible email experience.