Zimbra looks at work-life balance

Office environments have forever changed. Working outside of traditional offices is the new normal. Technology has played a huge part in making this work. But what is the effect on work-life balance? And how do people feel about their experiences. We decided to find out.


7 in 10


Americans admit they are likely to answer after-hour work emails or messages

The same percentage actually appreciate receiving work notfications at any hour of the day

Email Notification

In a recent survey conducted on our behalf, we found that hybrid environments are providing people with the opportunity to work at a pace more suited to their needs. Instead of a drop in productivity, people agreed that technology has helped them improve their work-life balance. The freedom to chose how and when they work improved overall productivity.


58% 58%

of respondents have their work emails connected to their personal device

Email is an important form of communication today. If the recent lock-downs and office closures have taught us anything, it is that email and online collaboration is fundamental to the way we work. But what about security and privacy? Should those things be ignored just because people work outside of the office walls?

At Zimbra we believe in providing people with the flexibility to work from anywhere, at anytime, and from any device, using technology to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. Flexibility, coupled with Freedom of Choice to do what we need, the way we want it done is a key component in achieving productive enterprise collaboration in the modern digital workspace. We believe this should all be accomplished without the need to sacrifice your security or privacy


82% 82%

of respondents also agreed that technology has helped them improve their work-life-balance







In a world filled with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt individuals need Peace of mind and a dependable experience that can be truly productive independent of device, location, or application. Having that assurance combined with the freedom to make those decisions is imperative to today's new hybrid work scenarios.

Data from survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zimbra from April 28 to May 4, 2022 with a panel of 2000 office workers